Miss O, Bideford
Andy has been my financial adviser for several years now.  My goal through this time has been to build an investment “nest egg” and he has supported this throughout, managing my investment product in line with my requirements and taking account of my attitude to risk. Prior to using a financial adviser, I wondered if they would really be interested in dealing with what was at that point a relatively small starting investment.  Andy has always kept my long-term goals in mind when recommending any changes, and over time the investment has grown steadily under his management.  Andy is clear about the advice he provides, gives regular useful updates on the progress of my funds, and I am reassured that he has taken all my requirements into account when changing providers, for example, or when world events increase the level of risk.  I would recommend him to clients who are looking for clear, helpful advice on investing and who have specific goals in mind for their funds.